• Inventory Management Simplifying Inventory Complexity
  • Pharmacy Services Automation Optimizing Technology
  • 340B Dispute Resolution 340B Dispute Resolution
  • Simplifying Inventory Complexity

    Review your 340B replenishment model, par levels, ROPs, ROQs, on-hand inventory report, wholesaler and remediation reports aimed at assessing and recommending best practice methodologies in 340B inventory management.


  • Optimizing Technology

    Transform your staff into power users through customized training and on-going utilization planning permitting your organization to recognize the full value of your investment.


  • 340B Dispute Resolution

    340B audits are a huge distraction from patient care. Use our technology and data integration resource for expedited completion so that you can get back to serving your patients faster.


Who Needs This Service?

Covered entities, hospitals and health centers currently or planning to participate in the federal 340B drug discount program.

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Address Key 340B Pains

  • Adherence to the GPO exclusion rule
  • Eligibility validation
  • Preventing Medicaid duplicate discounts
  • Preventing diversion

PatientCraft Helps You

  • Stay compliant
  • Ensure eligibility
  • Optimize technology
  • Streamline inventory
  • Broaden resources
  • Increase skill levels

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Introducing PatientCraft

PatientCraft is a healthcare consulting firm rooted in science. Unlike other organizations that draw their strength primarily from deep knowledge and expertise, PatientCraft infuses a layer of statistical data to drive strategy and tactics for managing 340B programs.

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