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    Program Governance and OversightProgram EligibilityMedicaid Requirements (FFS and Managed Care) 100% Medicaid claims review for carve out, carve in sample claims review, MEF reviewActive Contract Pharmacy Review (OPAIS listing)Pharmacy Services Agreement ReviewPast Self-disclosure/CAP ReviewPrevious HRSA Audit ReviewPolicies and Procedures Review340B Staff Education and Competency AssessmentEntity-owned Pharmacy Claims ReviewContract Pharmacy 340B Approved Claims ReviewCash Card/Voucher/Medication Subsidy Program ReviewEntity Physician Administered Drug Review/Mixed Use Drug Review/Outpatient Administered Drug ReviewEntity Program OversightData selection and submission to 340B TPAs (contract pharmacy, entity owned, split billing software)Configurations/Conditions/Filters Review to determine eligible claimsPharmacy Management Software Systems/340B TPA Software and Reporting ToolsReferral Prescription Process Review

    Contract Pharmacy 340B Approved Claims AuditEntity-owned 340B Approved Claims AuditEntity Physician-Administered Drug ReviewSplit Billing Mixed-use, and Outpatient Administered Drug ReviewRejected Claims Review and AnalysesMedicaid/ADAP/SPAP Carve Out Claims Review (100% of 340B approved claims)Annual Trends Summary Report

    Purchasing Opportunities AnalysisReferral Capture Opportunity AnalysisSpecialty Pharmacy Opportunities AnalysisOwned Pharmacy Feasibility AnalysisContract Pharmacy Feasibility AnalysisReview of Data Sent To TPAsReview of Conditions/Configurations/Filters Used in The 340B TPA Software

    RFI Development to select TPARFP Development to select a 340B TPATPA comparison (e.g. reports, data ingestion, costs, minimum thresholds)Current TPA Evaluation

    Pharmacy Service Agreement ReviewContract Pharmacy Set-UpContract Pharmacy ManagementPharmacy Setup Without TPA Review

    Development of 340B Policy and Procedure Manual (meet with staff members, create language, etc.)Full Review of 340B Policy and ProceduresRewrite and Modify 340B Policy and Procedure Manual (must select review above if selecting this service)Policies and Procedure TrainingPolicies and Procedure Implementation Review

    Self-Auditing Tool DevelopmentSelf-Auditing Staff TrainingOversight of Self-Auditing

    Meet with Staff to Prepare For AuditOPAIS Review- Entity Information, Active Sites And Addresses, Active Contract PharmaciesPolicy and Procedures ReviewPSA Compared to OPAIS ReviewMEF ReviewSample Contract Pharmacy Claims AuditSample Owned Pharmacy Claims AuditSample PAD (grantees)/Mixed Use/Outpatient Administered Drug Audit340B Universe DevelopmentAssistance in Labeling Documents For NIH Portal UploadAttend Pre-Audit CallAttend Remote Audit on Audit Day

    Corrective Action Plan Development (including timeline and roles and responsibilities)Attestation To HRSA Development

    Review Data on Administered 340B Drugs, Contract Pharmacy 340B Approved Claims, or Owned Pharmacy 340B Dispensation Records Identified as Diversion or Possible Duplicate DiscountsSummarize NDCs and Labeler Codes, Identify All Costs, Develop Plan for Moving Forward, Handle all Communications, Maintain a Summary with the CE of Completion of Tasks

    Development of customized PowerPoint training modules (client will specify number of modules and topic)Create and Present 340B Educational Material (client will specify frequency of training)LMS Voiceover Modules development (client will specify the number of modules)Competency evaluation development

    Monthly AuditingAnnual Mock HRSA Audit/340B Program AssessmentOversight CommitteePolicies and ProceduresFinancial AnalysesTPA ManagementMedicaid ManagementOPAIS Accuracy ReviewStaff Training