340B Services

We’re here to help you craft the right 340B program for your organization. 340B is a complex program, with requirements that vary by entity type and state. PatientCraft understands these complexities, and can help you navigate 340B to ensure you have the most effective and compliant program possible.

One size does not fit all when it comes to 340B, and we take an individualized approach to all of our services engagements. Below are some of the most common types of services we provide to our clients. Don’t see what you need? Just give us a call and we can craft the right service for you.

340B Eligibility and Feasibility

Let our experts help you determine if participation in 340B is right for your organization. We will walk you through eligibility requirements for covered entities and help you determine the contract pharmacies your patients are using most often. We’ll also provide an overview of the opportunities, risks and potential value.

340B Program Management

Whether you are starting a new program or managing an existing one, program management is key to successful participation in 340B.  We can help you with all aspects of program management from vendor selection to a program integrity assessment to ongoing program support.

340B Compliance

Compliance should be the cornerstone of any 340B program.  We take a deep dive into all aspects of your program and provide actionable recommendations for any corrective action necessary in order to keep you compliant.

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