340B Eligibility and Feasibility

Let our experts help you determine if participation in 340B is right for your organization. We will walk you through eligibility requirements for covered entities and help you determine the contract pharmacies your patients are using most often. We’ll also provide an overview of the opportunities, risks and potential value.

340B can be a great resource for eligible hospitals and clinics, allowing you to capture eligible drug cost savings that you can use to expand care to your patients. We are here to help you understand the 340B, develop a compliant program and optimize your participation.

PatientCraft’s covered entity eligibility and contract pharmacy feasibility services include:

  • Covered entity eligibility analysis

  • 340B program opportunity and risk assessment

  • Covered entity registration process guidance

  • Contract pharmacy feasibility analysis

  • Disproportionate share hospital (DSH) adjustment review

  • OPA registration checklist

  • Patient eligibility definition

  • Contract review and optimization