340B Program Management

Whether you are starting a new program or managing an existing one, program management is key to successful participation in 340B. Our 340B program management services can help you with all aspects of program management from vendor selection to a program integrity assessment to ongoing program support.

340B Software Vendor Selection

Selecting the right third party administrator (TPA) to help you manage your 340B program is critical to program success. While many TPAs offer similar solutions, it’s important to understand the differences in the software available and select the solution that’s right for your organization.

Whether you are evaluating vendors for the first time or looking to make a change in vendors, we are here to walk you through the process:

• Develop the right request for proposals (RFP)
• Create vendor evaluation criteria
• Develop comparative analysis for vendors
• Understand key elements to include in vendor contract

340B Software Optimization

PatientCraft has worked extensively with most of the 340B software programs on the market, and we can provide guidance and training on key elements of your software. Understanding how your software works and how to access key reports is critical to the success of 340B from both a program management and compliance perspective.

• Get the full value from your investment
• Transform your staff into power users
• Learn how to access canned and customizable reports, including inventory review, revenue, dispensations and remediation.
• Manage CDM and NDC mapping
• Evaluate filters and configurations to maximize savings while maintaining compliance

340B Program Integrity Assessment

Through our finely tuned process, we can provide you with an assessment of the integrity of your 340B program. We begin by requesting access to key data about your program, then our experts analyze that data and provide a comprehensive report that evaluates the integrity of your 340B program and offers remediation recommendations as necessary.

A few of the areas evaluated by our program integrity assessment are:

• Inventory management (whether physical or virtual)
• CDM and NDC mapping
• Wholesaler account management
• Contract pharmacy relationship management
• Appropriate handling of Medicaid patients (whether carving in or carving out)
• Policy and procedure review
• OPA database and cost report correlation

340B Training and Education

It’s important to ensure that all stakeholders in 340B have appropriate knowledge of the program. We can help you develop a comprehensive educational program for 340B, including recommended cadence for educational programs and competency measures to evaluate effectiveness.

Our most common training sessions include (but are not limited to):

• 340B basics
• Clinical staff
• Contract pharmacy management
• Technology optimization
• Regulatory and compliance
• Pharmacy basics
• Charge capture for pharmacy