PatientCraft Overview

PatientCraft is a healthcare consulting firm focused on the 340B drug pricing program. As 340B consultants, we understand how critical 340B is to hospitals and health centers who need eligible drug cost savings to expand care to their patients. We’re here to help covered entities evaluate and optimize 340B program participation through our unique approach that blends statistical, data-driven insights with deep 340B program expertise.

“Many hospitals and health centers that participate in the 340B program would not be able to keep their doors open without the savings from 340B. While 340B program management does come with certain complexities, my team and I are here to help you work through them in order to capture eligible drug cost savings that you can use to expand care to your patients.”
— Holly Russo, RN, MSN, MS, ECS, PatientCraft CEO

Who do we serve?

• Current covered entities under the 340B
• Hospitals and health centers considering
participation in the 340B program

What can we help you accomplish?

• Maximize 340B program savings
• Eligibility validation
• Adherence to the orphan drug rule and the GPO
exclusion rule
• Improved program compliance
• Prevention of diversion and duplicate discounts
• Optimized used of technology
• Improved inventory management
• Improved contract pharmacy relationships
• Education on 340B program, software and third-
party administrator (TPA) tools

Why are we different?

• We have a team with deep 340B program
knowledge and expertise
• We use statistical data to drive strategy and
execution of 340B program management
• We are vendor-neutral in our approach
• We craft our services to meet your needs – one size does not fit all!